Easiest Way to Make Appetizing Dabeli Masala Tikki Chaat

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Dabeli Masala Tikki Chaat.

You can cook Dabeli Masala Tikki Chaat using 10 ingredients and 21 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Dabeli Masala Tikki Chaat

  1. It’s 4 of boiled alu. Mash them.
  2. You need of Thin sev.
  3. It’s of Pomegranate seeds half cup.
  4. Prepare 1 tsp of Fresh coconut gratted.
  5. It’s 1 tbsp of oil.
  6. You need of Sweet chutney.
  7. It’s of Garlic chilly chutney.
  8. You need of Masala peanuts 1onion finely chopped.
  9. You need of Ready made Dabeli Masalar.
  10. It’s of Bread crumbs half cup.

Dabeli Masala Tikki Chaat instructions

  1. Take pan add 1tsp oil.
  2. Heat it add Dabeli masala 1tbsp saute.
  3. Add mashed alu.
  4. Add 2tbsp sweet tamarind chutney.
  5. Add little salt.
  6. Add 2tbsp Dabeli masala.
  7. Mix all nicely and cook adding 2 or 3drops of water.
  8. Mash all nicely.
  9. Let moisture evaporates.
  10. Let it cool.
  11. Add bread crumbs.mix nicely.
  12. Now make tikkis from this mixture.
  13. In another pan add remaining oil and Shallow fry tikkis.
  14. Till crispy.
  15. Remove on serving plate.
  16. First splash red chilly garlic chutney on all tikkis.
  17. Then sweet Chutney.
  18. Sprinkle gratted coconut fresh 1tsp and Masala Peanut s.
  19. Add finely chopped onion.
  20. Sprinkle Thin Sev.
  21. Garnish with fresh Pomegranate seeds and serve.

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